Friday, November 1, 2013

Book drive!

 Have you ever participated in a book drive?  Probably not one like this!

I am (supposed to be) helping kids here get smarter. At El Bichito (where we live and also the place where we take care of the kids) we feed them and help them get their homework done.

For food, we have white rice and garlicky noodles one day, white rice and lentils another day, white rice and extra-garlicky potatoes another day, white rice and whole potatoes another day, white rice and white beans another day, and repeat. It is SUCH a boring lunch.
For homework, they do their homework from school. If they don’t have school homework, we give them homework. We either give them a math sheet to do, they read a book and write a little report, or we read a book with them.

But, we need more books.  Can you believe that most (or maybe all) of these kids don't own a single book?When we first got here and brought out our Spanish copy of Curious George, they absolutely LOVED it. They were crowding around Mom as she read it like chickens around a seed hole. They still love it.  Can you imagine never having read a Curious George book before? We are running a book drive with my school. I think that YOU should donate books, TOO!

We need them in Spanish at least, but Spanish/English is nice, too, since everyone wants to learn English. The size doesn't really matter. They just need to be children’s books. You can get them at second-hand stores like Goodwill or places like Walmart (if they don't have them in the store, you can order them online and they will deliver them to the store for free.)  And you can get them by eating Cheerios!  We got a lot of the books we brought down here that way. You get a yummy meal AND a chance to donate! Hey, what a good opportunity to serve people!

(Sorry if soon my voice goes out of hand. When I'm typing business letters, my voice doesn't show through much. I sound more like a business man.)

You can also donate money, of course.  You can go to the Eagle-Condor Humanitarian website to do that, but if you specifically want the money to help us here at Bichito, you'll have to call or email Laura Chabries and tell her that.  (Her contact info is right there under "Contact Us").  You can also call her if you have any other questions about helping or sending books.  She's helpful that way.

If you participate, you would have to send them to the NGO we are working for by November 15th. If you send it after that, they will still get to the kids, but after I leave.

Feel free to check out their website to find out more about Eagle-Condor Humanitarian.  Also, you can learn more about what we have been doing at El Bichito by reading the blog about it. Instead of clicking this link, if you want, you can go up to the top and click on El Bichito's Blog. (The blog also has posts about other projects Eagle-Condor has going on, so you have to look for the El Bichito posts.)

Here is their mailing address:

Eagle-Condor Humanitarian
614 East 3900 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84107

Thanks for your help!


  1. Are comments getting published? Some readers have emailed to say they lost their comment and it didn't publish....

  2. That seems really FUN! I want to be a teacher so I would really like to teach/ help those kids! I did donate a book I’m sorry it is not spanish (Its a Magic School book) It seems boring to eat rice and noodles each day! I hope your having fun!

    1. oh, i'll type that book into Google Translate and print. It is a really boring lunch. I am having lots of fun!