Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Dork Diaries

Dork Diaries
Tales from a not-so-secret crush catastrophe

I read this book and thought it was really good. It is about a girl who keeps having problems in her life. Her name is Nikki. First, Nikki is eating breakfast and her dog, daisy starts running around the house messing everything up. Next, Nikki took daisy on a walk leaving the muddy paw prints on her clothes. Then, Nikki runs into Brandon, her crush and has a talk with him. They agree to have training lessons for Daisy.
After that, an exchange student comes and Nikki makes friends with him. Brandon does not like the exchange student. Last, Nikki invites Brandon to a pizza place but the invitation got switched with a letter and the exchange student got the invite. Will Nikki end up fixing her problem?

I think this book is a very good book. If you think you have a bunch of problems in your life, this book is good for you. I like this book because Nikki is such a good character and always has self talks with herself. This book also has a good lesson. If something happens that is confusing to someone, Don’t try to let them figure it out. You have to tell them. Also, you should never let other people’s thoughts make you mad.

Sunday, September 3, 2017


When we saw panda bears at the zoo, Mom bought me a small stuffed animal panda. I named her BaiHei, meaning BlackWhite. These are her adventures around China.

On the bullet train! This was the first train we took in China. The lines to pick up our tickets were really long, so everyone but Mom, Lily, and me missed the train. They caught a sleeper train after eating a disgusting egg made with ashes and we met together after a night, but we missed a day of seeing things.

First video I've tried to blog, might not work. Out the bullet train's window.

On a terrifying bus ride up a mountain. There were lots of cliffs and bumps in the roads, and landslides made it more dangerous. I thought it was like a roller coaster ride, but scarier.

At the beautiful rice terraces. The bus took us some of the way up there, and we hiked around the mountain.

Xi'An Terracotta Warriors! There was a very, very cramped crowd I went through in order to get to the place that I took the picture from. Once I escaped from it, it felt really nice to have an inch of space on every side of me.

Wudangshan, temples up in a mountain. Lots of stairs.

Great Wall!

The Forbidden City, in Beijing.

I loved the golden roofs in the Forbidden City.

He's making the Mao Face.

At the circular and beautifully painted Temple of Heavenly Peace.

On a bridge in Shanghai's water towns.

In the gardens of a nunnery in Hong Kong.

This picture was taken looking through the glass floor of a cable car taking us to the Big Buddha. 

BaiHei's seen some pretty cool things. And though we're going home in two days, there's still more to blog about and more to see.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Google Translate

Here in China, many words are in both Chinese and English. Some things aren't translated ideally. Our favorite things to look at for these mistakes are shirts.
Some of my favorites are:
ME. Rebellious College. lkjsdfnsdjh asdfkjslkdjgns.
2. WHO. is someone who hates girlses
3. (on the side of a legging where something inspirational is often put) CREAM GIVE UP
Front page. Do you dream of the day when you can drive a car n the United States, teenagers can get their driver license when they are only 16 years old, but it fee but it feels like forever until that day comes teena that day comes. Trust me, because I've been there During the past two months, Chine
6. Oh No! That is not cigarette!
7. Heart Bpeaker
8. DON'T WORRY. i have a dream
10. Behind a transparent pocket: put anything you want here
11. If you like it, eat it.
12. I like it. What is it?
13. Nightmare Unicorns. Breed Characteristics: Nightmares have long, arched necks and well chiseled. Disciplines and Uses: Whar a Nightmare can participate in depends on Psychology: Omnivoric, Nightmares need fr Psychology: Omnivoric, Nightmares need fr Breed History: Not much is known of the history of th Copyright to Jenna A. Briggs EXS Orania in Pulling Harness, Pulling 6000 lt Special Abilities: The eyes of a Nightmare burn with the inner fire. inner fire is said to be the factor that gives the
Yes. That's what it says.

We saw a notebook with small print. Mom searched for, found, and put on her glasses to read this text: your text here
One restaurant had an absolutely hilarious menu. It included:

"Spicy beautiful shoes"

"Sweat delicious steamed bean curd stick"

"Clever mix of andrographolide"

"Sauce elbow flowers"

"Keeping in good health autumn ears"

"Dry pot intestine"
"Hong Kong style crispy chicken"
"Multi-layer brittle ear"

"Garlic loofah pointed"

"Is full of happiness"
"Sand boil for baby food"

"Iron squid must be"

"Fine wool blood flourishing"
"Seafood MAO blood flourishing"

"Fatty intestine burning potatoes"
"Ribs beans braised examination paper"
"Typhoon shelter to fry tomato box"
"Fish head bubble cake"

"Shallot explosive screw"
"Private one elbow"

"Her son deer tendon"
"Hot: flowers
Ingredients: flowers"

"Sour soup swallow your elbow"
"Bullfrog or"

"Pine nuts corn (raisins)"
"Characteristics of hand bread" (this was really good)

Funny Signs

One of the best parts about speaking English when almost no one else does is that we can point funny shirts out to each other without anyone getting offended. Then no one has any idea what we are laughing about.
I hope you've laughed a lot, since we sure did.